Secret of success tips 2020 to prevent COVID19

success tips prevent COVID19 
In humans several Corona viruses are known
to cause respiratory infections ranging from common
 cold to more severe respiratory disease.
Most recently discovered corona virus causes COVID-19.
This new virus and disease were unknown before
outbreak began  in Wuhan, China in December-19.
- The chances of impact of COVID-19 to the society is more.
- It is our duty to be manage the chances of spreading to
  the society.
- Analyzed the identified risk and then done assessment.
- So everyone should develop plan to take preventive
   measure for significant disease  for early implementation.
Symptoms of COVID-19
·        Fever ,           
·         Tiredness,    
·         Dry Cough ,     
·         Aches & Pain ,    
·        Nasal Congestion , 
·         Runny Nose  ,       
        Breathing difficulty ,                         Sore throat.

Older people and those with underlying medical
problems more Fever, cough and difficult breathing
should seek medical attention.
success tips prevent COVID19 

Spread of COVID- 19
-Spread  from person to person through small droplets
from nose or mouth while cough or exhale. 
-This droplets
 land on objects & surface, other people affect COVID 19 by
 touching these objects or surface and then they touch their
eyes, nose & mouth. 
-People can be also affected by COVID 19,
if they breath near COVID-19 affected person .
-Affected person’s cough exhales droplets.
-That droplets are more dangerous to others.
-So, it is important to stay more than I meter (3.3 feet)
away from a sick person.
-Studies to date suggest virus transmission through contact
 with respiratory droplets rather through air.
success tips prevent COVID19 

Protection Measures & Prevent Spread of Disease
-     Regularly and thoroughly cleaning hands with alcohol based
   hand rub or wash with soap & water.
-     Maintain at least 1 meter (3.3 feet) distance between
   yourself and anyone coughing or sneezing.
-   Avoid touching Eyes, Nose and Mouth near gathering.
-    Follow good Respiratory Hygiene means
  .   Covering mouth nose with   beat elbow tissue while 
   oughing or sneezing
.     -Stay home if you feel unwell.
 -   If anyone has fever, Cough &
    difficulty in breathing,
    then it seeks immediate medical attention.
Like hood of catching COVID 19
For most people the risk of Catching COVID 19 is still low.
However there are now places where disease is spreading for
people living in or visiting these areas the risk becomes higher.
Illness due to COVID 19 is generally mild especially
for children and young adult.
However it can cause serious illness about 1 in every
 5 people.
who affected, it needs immediate hospital care
Hence protect yourself by
- Through Hand washing
- Good Respiratory Hygiene
-  Keep informed and follow advice of local health
    authorities  including
 - Take steps for restrictions for travel and involvement
    of movements, gatherings etc.
Persons at risk of Developing Serious Illness
Older person and person with pre existing medical 
conditions such as high Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, 
lung Disease, Cancer, diabetes appear to develop serious
 illness more often than others.
1.     Antibiotics area not effective in preventing or
     treating COVID19.
2.     There is no evidence that current medicine can
    prevent or cure the disease.
3.     Even WHO does not recommend self medication with
  any medicine including antibiotics as a prevention on cure
     For COVID 19
4.     However there are several ongoing clinical trials, till date there 
      is no vaccine and no specific antiviral to prevent or treat 
    5. Use of Masks
    - Medical masks should not be used by healthy persons,
      who is not having any symptoms.
  -  Further there is no scientific evidence to show health benefit
     of using mask for non sick person in community.
   - Apart from, Health care workers  to be used medical masks.
  -  Medical mask properly worn effective for 8 hours maximum.
    - Disposal of used mask.
            Mask used by patients / care givers /close contacts
      during home care, it should be disinfected by using ordinary
      bleach solution 5% or sodium Hypo chloride 1 % ,otherwise
      disposed of either by burning or deep buried. 

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 Follow the guide line of Govt. published
time to time as per the situation arises related to 
COVID-19 for better benefit of people.


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